CC Phoenix 45 Fartregulator til børsteløse motorer

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With a surge current of 60 amps, the Phoenix-45 is well suited for warmliners, small hotliners, and even some 40 size glow conversion projects, Matched up with Hacker B50 and C50 motors, medium and large AXI motors, or 36mm Feigao motors, the Phoenix-45 puts a lot of power at your fingertips, and all in a very light and compact package,

With the same programmable features of it’s smaller cousins, the Phoenix-45 can be set for helicopter installations (including those with collective pitch) or airplanes, Additionally, for competition flyers the Phoenix-45 features an justerbar switching rate for optimum efficiency,

User programmable features include:

Low-voltage cutoff – 4V, 5V, 6V, 7,2V, 9V, 12V
Over-Current Protection – 5 settings
Brake Type – 5 settings
Throttle Range – fixed/self-adjusting/governor
Timing Advance – 3 choices
Cutoff Type – hard or soft
Switching Frequency – 3 choices

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