LiPo Balancer

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A LiPo Charge-Balancer keeps the voltage of each cell as close as possible to the others whilst charging, This results in a pack that is better harmonized, yields a better and longer life-cycle with enhanced performances, A LiPo Charge-Balancer is advised for all LiPo chargers without a separate cell monitoring, The LiPo Charge-Balancer needs to be connected to the white connector of the LiPo batteries, If a cell attains a voltage of 4,2V, this cell will be discharged with 0,2A to level the voltage out and stop it from over-charging, Features 12 bit Microprocessor controlled Four sets of LEDs with three colors show charging status for each battery pack Compatible with a LiPo charger and can be used for 2, 3 or 4 cells battery packs Features JST EHR plugs that are compatible with our Li-Power and Thunder Spitz batteries

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