Rivarossi HR4010 Europæisk “Simplon-Orient-Express” luksus tog 3 vogne Epoke II

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In 2006, the Simplon Tunnel celebrates its 100 year anniversary. The German company Brandt, Brandau & Cie, from Hamburg on 1 August 1898 on the Swiss side and 16 August 1898 on the Italian side, began construction of the longest tunnel (until 1982) in the world. The workers met on 24 February 1905 with a difference in height of just 9cm and direction of 20cm. This first tunnel has a length of 19.8km and was inaugurated on May 17 1906. Originally, a second ‘tube’ was built was connections to main tunnel for air conditioning. This ‘tube’ was extended to become a second tunnel between 1912 and 1917.

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