ModelCraft 2 -i-1 holder

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Holder til forskellige emner. Kommer både med håndtag og “non slip” base. Det vil sige at den kan bådes bruges frit i hånden eller stående på et bord. 


Modelcraft 2-in-1 Work Holder with non-slip base & wooden handle

Work the way you want with this versatile set, easily switch between a weighted base that gives you hands-free stability and the comfortable wooden handle for easy repositioning and 360o access.

• Easily handle models, parts and other materials

• An essential tool for modelling, painting & sculpting

• Using a holder means better stability and fewer mistakes

• The pins can easily be repositioned to hold a variety of shapes

• Head can also be locked in a bench holder

Clamping & Work Holding

The Modelcraft collection includes tools for clamping and work holding to cater for all model making and craft requirements. As any accomplished model maker will know, it is essential to have a job held securely and in the right position- especially when working on precision items. By securing items whilst working on them you can ensure accuracy and minimise mistakes.

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