Box of 6 acrylic agents til weathering

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The new Tensocrom is a solution of pigments in a special medium, which can be glazed over any brand of colour to shade, dirty or age the model, ehance its details or make it chromatically uneven, Tensocrom can be applied with a paint brush or an airbrush,

This set includes:

  • TSC 207 Oil (22ml)
  • TSC 208 Smoke (22ml)
  • TSC 209 Kerosene (22ml)
  • TSC 210 Fuel (22ml)
  • TSC 211 Burnt Brown (22ml)
  • TSC 212 White Oxide (22ml)

Using Tensocrom

  1. For airbrushing, you may use Tensocrom pure or diluted with with water,
  2. Airbrush at very low pressures, (Iwata airbrushes give the best performance and atomisation at low pressures,)
  3. Apply glaze on surface with a brush or airbrush, The glaze must be almost transparent for best results,
  4. The glaze dries very fast,
  5. You may enhance the effect with repeated applications,
  6. Clean your airbrush with airbrush cleaner and flush through with water

You may modify the Tensocrom colours to your desired shade with any LifeColor colours, You may also mix any LifeColor with the pure Tensocrom Medium TSC 201 to create weathering glazes,